Emerald City Improv Organizers

Kelsey Wildstone

Kelsey Wildstone got involved with improv in 2009 and now organizes and focuses on many of the logistics for new events. Kelsey graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in electrical engineering, and currently when she isn't building data centers she maintains a photography and makeup art portfolio at KelseyWildstone.com

Luke Greenway

Luke Greenway has been involved with improv events since 2009 and really enjoys trying to brainstorm the next great improv event! Luke is currently attending college in Vermont, but continues to help run the improv events in Seattle whenever possible.

Who We Are
Emerald City Improv is Seattle's only street improv group.

Our events embrace the city as a stage, and are designed to break into your day to make you laugh and smile. Led and organized by Kelsey Wildstone and Luke Greenway, Emerald City Improv has staged events around Seattle since 2009.

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Past Improv Events

Kelsey Wildstone

Luke Greenway

Support Us

Emerald City Improv is run entirely by volunteers. If you like what we're doing and want to support us, spread the word and join us for our fun improv events! And, of course, monetary donations are always appreciated - contact us at info@emeraldcityimprov.org for information on how to donate via PayPal.

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