MP3 Project - Saturday, July 31st, 2010 3:00pm


  1. Download MP3 by clicking on the links below - Don't click on it! (Right click (ctrl-click on mac), then click "Save As" so you don't listen to it)
  2. Put the Mp3 on your ipod or mp3 player!
  3. Make sure your player is charged up before the event.
  4. On Saturday July 24th, meet at Fisher Green in the Seattle Center before 3:00pm. Don't assume that we will start at exactly 3:00pm. Hang out, and listen for someone with a megaphone talking about bananas. Listen for the contdown on time running out to buy bananas, or a banana raffle, something like that. The count will be 3...2...1...NOW!
  5. Have Fun!!

Thanks :)

Mp3 script by: Luke Greenway
Voice acting by: Luke Greenway, Asher Jordan
With extra super duper special thanks to: Nikko Hall, Anna Jansen, and Jessa Lowe.

Low Quality, Faster Download (75 kbps VBR, 19.8MB)

High Quality (192 kbps, 50MB)

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